Dalian Zhaoxing Ship Duct Co., Ltd. is located in a costal city - Dalian. Our company utilizes international advanced professional equipments, top European technology and novel Japanese quality control system, with advanced computer-aid design systems. We are specialized in a wide range of standardized fittings for circular ducts; pre-insulated and uninsulated spiral air ducts; pre-insulated and uninsulated regulating dampers as well as circular silencers and relevant duct products.
Our pressed fittings for circular air ducts, such as reducers, collar saddles, take-off branches, end caps, and regulating dampers are pressed and formed by molding machine. Our products with this technology possess fine appearance, light weight, efficient performing and accuracy dimension, and are superior to traditional manual acting by means of nip and welding processing technology.
Today, armed with the most advanced equipments, the unique know-how and first-rate technology, as well as the fine quality in China in this field, our company has had many business partners in various ship manufacturing, fixing, and fittings of ductwork, and we also export our products to Europe, South Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia, as well as other countries and regions.
We sincerely look forward to establishing a solid and stable cooperative relationship with you, with our high quality and a top starting point.